There are many people that would debate whether technology is good or bad for students, but there is no doubt that computers are impacting our society in many ways. I encourage you to learn more about the technology that young people are constantly exposed to both in and out of school.  I also encourage you to help prepare your child for the dangers that they might encounter with the internet, cell phones/texting, instant messages, social networking sites, etc.

Below are some great sites that might help you and your family deal with some of the pitfalls out there.

I also posted a few videos below as food for thought... I don't think we should throw away the books, paper, and pencils yet.  However, these presentations raise some interesting ideas to think about! 

You might also want to check on the Web 2.0 Tools link on the left.  There are some fantastic resources listed there that are interactive and allow students to be creative on-line.


Before using the internet, it is recommended that students and parents explore this great safety website to learn more about the dangers of the World Wide Web:

TESD Internet Safety Page

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More Links
Check out these links for more safety info

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