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Symbol Presentation Technology
Please note: this is a student project, not a parent project. Students can get help with accessing a web program, internet safetly, using Power Point, saving files, etc., but they should complete the actual presentation on their own.


Level: Minimum
These two are easy and require almost no preperation:
    >>> Document Camera to display your page on the screen
    >>> Blank Smartboard (as a whiteboard)

Level: Challenging
A little more work prior to stepping in front of the class:
    >>> Power Point
    >>> Smartboard Presentation completed beforehand
    >>> iPad or iTough connected to projector with an app like Doodle Buddy

Level: Hard
A lot more time involved
    >>> Web 2.0 tools like Blabberize, Voki
    >>> Make a video to show.

Level: Expert
If you are very comfortable taking risks and using web-based programs
    >>> Prezi (like a slideshow that is spread out over a table rather than in sequence)
    >>> Advanced Web 2.0 Tools