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Symbol Worksheet Hints & Tips

Creating your Typed Worksheet:  Minimum requirements

① Title of Symbol
                This is a good place to use fancy fonts if you are typing your sheet.
② Your Name
                Some students like to make-up their own publishing company name, too.

③ 10-20 practice problems
                This is NOT a good place for fancy fonts.
                Do not include ANY answers, but it might be wise to make sure they can be done.
                All answers should be able to fit on the screen of a standard calculator
                Three types of problems that are good to include:
                        A) zero (example 0 lem 5)
                        B) one (example 1 lem 9)
                        C) order (example 4 lem 5 and 5 lem 4)  If your symbol uses more than 1 number.

                Many students increase the level of difficulty as they create problems.
                        EASY problems (example: single digits)
                        MEDIUM (example: double digits and beyond)
                        HARD problems (example: decimals and fractions).

④ Space
               Make sure your students have room to write.

 No Directions

       Do NOT include how to do your symbol or algebra expressions on your worksheet. 
Only listing problems allows for...
> presenters can change their mind about what their symbol does without having to change the worksheet.
> prevention of students working ahead in the packets.



Should I include how to complete my algorithm using algebra or words?
Do NOT include how to do your symbol using algebra on your worksheet.
We will do that after each lesson together as a class.
Avoid writing how to do it in words as well.  This will allow you to have a general worksheet with an algorithm that can be changed if needed.

What else should I think about when I make my sheet?
Here are some good tips to think about:
            >>> MARGINS <<<
            Do not write closer than the width of your finger to the border of the paper.
            The copier might cut off anything that is near the edge. Staple also eliminates part of one edge.
            >>> NO COLOR <<<
            The copier does NOT print in color.
            NO! You may not print out a colored set for the class.
            >>> NUMBERING <<<
            Avoid numbering your problems with periods. 
            Use something like (1) or {1} or [1] rather than "1" with a period.
            For example: 1. 2 + 3  looks like a decimal problem.

What else can I include besides my name, a title, and 10-20 problems?
Here are some optional items:
            >>> DIRECTIONS <<<
            Avoid directions, so you can alter what your symbol does anytime.
            >>> EXAMPLES <<<
            Problems without solutions you plan on going over with class before they do the 10-20 on their own.
            Or wait until the presentation to do samples.

            >>> GRAPHICS, PICTURES, DRAWINGS <<<
            Remember that your focus should be on the problems and not on pictures.

            Make your students dig deeper...
            Perhaps connecting your symbol with another math concept.
                PEMDAS:  (5 lem 3) x 3 + 5 = ____
                Algebra:    2 lem a = 7    a =____   or make it a fill-in-the blank question 2 lem ___ = 7
                Decimals:  5.7 lem 2 = ____
                Fractions:  1/2 lem 6 = ____
Should I write or type my sheet?
You have to TYPE your worksheet.  

>>> Some students leave a space between numbers and draw in the symbol by hand after they print it out.

>>> If you are using strange fonts, you should select ones that are easy to read.
How can I add a unique symbol with Microsoft Word?
    (1) open a Word document 
    (2) find the menu option "INSERT" at the top of the page
    (3) Click on that and select "SYMBOL" from the list
    (4) At the top of the window that pops up, you will find the word "FONT"
        For a variety of symbols, you might find some with these fonts:
Wingdings, Webdings, Dingbats, Zapfdings and Symbol

Beware:  you may choose the same symbol as someone else using this option.

More about images
You can also create a symbol with a drawing program or find a picture to use from the internet.
It might be good to add the word "clipart" to your image search.  
Adding "BW" will usually find one that is black and white.
Adjust the size then copy & paste from Edit menu.

Additional typing tips:
> Word Art is good for titles.
> Use the TAB key.  It works better for spacing than using the space bar.
> Tables will make life easier and will help you in the future with creating documents.


Need formatting help?
Bring in or send Mr. P your Word file and he can help fit it on one page.

Printer problems?  
We can print your file here if you email the document or bring in a flash drive. 

 Note:  There are limited fonts on the computers here at school.