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(1) Excellent practice and review of basic computation (+, -, x, and /), concepts we have done this year, and mental math...with a twist.
(2) Students get to be "on stage" and must present something that no one has ever seen or learned before.
(3) Audience gets a chance to discover alternate methods of solving a problem that NO mathematician has ever studied (not that they would want to).
(4) Additional experience with algebraic expressions and concepts.

(5) More practice with math laws (order, zero & one properties, combining like-terms, etc.)
(6) Wait!  Isn't this similar to the function machines?  Here is a simple example.
(7) Experience creating original problems, which is an important skill for practicing math & discovering patterns.
(8) Introduction and exposure to Excel spreadsheets and its functions (see symbol calculator link).
(9) Students get a chance to be creative in a field where imagination is very important. 
(Creativity in Math? Ask Einstein).
(10) Math Articulation!
(11) Dealing with ambiguity.
(12) Challenging!  Try to get 24 with a Useless Math Symbol.  It's not easy.
(13) Learning, exploring, and applying new algorithms.
(14) Exposure to more complex concepts (negative numbers, factorials, etc.) without pressure of having to know them for tests.
(15) High quality teaching from 5th grade students, an obvious upgrade to the current 5A math teacher.
(16) Higher-order thinking!  See chart below.
(17) Aids with understanding and use of formulas (example: area=length x width     or      a =l x w).

(18) Designing and implementing a presentation.  Did you check out the Web 2.0 tools?
(19) More exposure and experience with the Order of Operations (PEMDAS).
(20) Practice with various calculator functions.

(21) Mathematics is the SCIENCE OF PATTERNS. This defintely fits that description.
(22) Experience with how to "transport" files (flash drives, VPN, google docs, etc.), and how to avoid tech problems.

(23) Public Speaking. One of the greatest fears among humankind.

(24) Best of all... for roughly 5 minutes a day, Mr. P has to be a student in the class. 
Mr. P obviously needs help in math:  If this was supposed to be a Top 10 list, why does it go past 20?