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Before using the internet, it is recommended that students and parents explore this great net safety website.
Odyssey Online 
From the Michael C. Carlos Museum of Emory University
Learn more about Roman People, Mythology, Death & Burial, Writing, and Archaelogy
BBC Primary History
Try "Dig it up: Romans"

Roman Numerals
Can't figure out what XIII + IV equals?
Try this calculator (it also has a quiz feature to test your knowledge of Roman Numerals)
Convert Roman Numerals to Arabic Numbers
Latin Motto Generator
E Pluribus Unum!
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Dress the Roman
Help the soldier get some clothes on!
Old school w/scissors:
New school w/mouse:
More difficult... Dress a Gladiator
It might help to check out the clues and to read the Gladiator Descriptions once you get the "thumbs down."
You might want to learn more about each one first:
Trivia Games
Like FREE RICE, you can learn by your mistakes.
Fling the Teacher
Walk the Plank