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Roman Festival

Roman Festival MMX
(Rotation 3 of 4 - Mr. T's class)

Date:  Friday, April 30th at lunch
Roman Feasts
They would have a first course of something like olives, mice,salad, snails, oysters and perhaps peahens' eggs. They would then move on to a selection of meat and fish dishes - stuffed dormice was popular. They would like to have something special like ostrich, flamingo tongue, peacock or a wild boar as the center of their meal. They would then finish off with nuts, fruit, stuffed dates and honey cakes. Wine was drunk all the way through the meal which could go on for hours.
The Romans used to keep one room as a vomitorium. Guests who were full and wanted to eat more could go into this room to make themselves sick and then rejoin the group for more food.  Sorry, we won't have one of those for our festival.  
They used to have entertainers like jugglers, acrobats and dancers to perform during and after the meal.
Are you not entertained?
Roman's loved to be entertained.  You or a small group must choose one of the following to entertain the patricians as they feast...
   - Dance
    - Song
   - Poem
   - Drama - short skit
   - Other forms of appropriate entertainment 
These are not allowed:
  - Chariot Races. 
             Horses are one problem and the circus (found track) is another.
             If you can find some way to recreate this on a smaller scale, please discuss with Mr. P
  - Lions
            Bringing lions and other fierce beasts to class is out. Sorry!
Great link about Ancient Rome Cuisine:
Students may volunteer to bring in some food to enhance our Roman Festival.  It is at lunch, so we don't need much.
Some recommendations:
 - grape juice (rather than wine)
 - apple cider
 - bread
 - grapes
 - olives
 - cheese
 - goldfish or swedish fish (symbolizes real fish)
 - "cakes"
 - pigs in a blanket (not found in Ancient Rome but good sub for pork)
With all the allergies it is probably best to
avoid NUTS... 

Allergy Alert:
It is always recommended that a list of ingredients be brought in along with any food (commercially preparted or made at home).

Students who have life threatening allergies need all of us to keep them safe.

Thank you for your attention to this important matter.

 Dress:  Toga is optional

Some ideas:
Ideas: wreath toga, tunic, or sandals

On top of your school clothes (in case of toga malfunctions), you may choose to wear traditional Roman attire.
How do you put on a toga?
1. Drape the left-hand end of the toga over your left shoulder.
2. Hold the other end in your right hand and bring it up under your arm.
3. Now throw the right end over your left shoulder.
4. Finally tuck the middle of your toga into your belt.
You do not have to go out and buy a sheet.  If all you have are Spongebob sheets, then you should feel free to go with a Spongebob toga.