Be Prompt
    Be ready to learn when class begins.

Be Prepared
    Have materials ready and know due dates. VFMS supply list.

Be a Polite and Positive Participant
    Speak in a normal tone of voice and listen attentively.  Be respectful. 

Be Productive
    Turn in work on time and always do your best.

Be a Problem Solver
    Correct problems quickly and peacefully before they escalate.

The list above describes the most important expectations.
There are at least 84,357.7 additional rules in Room 110.  Unfortunately, there is not enough space to list them all here. 
Some of the rules are more important than others.  Check out a few of the rules below...
Please note:  unless you are a student in Math 110, you might not understand all of them.

  How could there only be 5 rules?
Here are a few additional ones that have come up over the years...

Rule -1:
Don't be negative.

Rule 0: 
You may not divide by zero. 

Rule 1a:
Be respectful.  It is not as hard as you think.
Rule 1b:
One is NOT a prime number.
Rule 1776: 
Stand respectfully during the pledge and anthem at the start of every school day.  This is not the time to fill out assignment books.  If you are in the hallway or just entering the class when it begins, stay where you are until the pledge is over.
Rule s: 
You can call it math or maths.

Rule 2001: 
Don't be a waxing gibbous!
Avoid using science terms as insults.
Rule 911a: 
There is NO crying in science (at school or at home).
Do you shed tears when you...
     Lose in basketball? Hit a sour note in music? Can't beat a level in a video game? 
Sorry. Sometimes you will struggle in math. You are not perfect in everything else you do, so don't expect to have zero problems in mathematics.
If you fail often in things like sports, music, art, and other areas of life, why should you get upset when in comes to maths?
See Rule 5.0

Rule 5.0:
Experience is a school.
Do NOT be afraid to fail.
Directions:  Fall down.  Get back up.  Repeat.
Great quote from Thomas Edison:
"I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work."

Rule 37a: 
Mr. P loves it when students have several sharp pencils, get out packets, and put binders away quickly without being asked.
Rule 37b:
Ignore rule 37a on Fridays.  Put binders away, set up 24 cards & boards, and get ready to play.
Rule 13:
Nine out of ten jokes Mr. P tells are not funny.
(The jokes, puns, and quotes on math sheets are always hilarious.)
Rule 750: 
It is probably a good idea to listen to the morning and afternoon announcements very carefully.

Rule 24859: 
All homework is optional...
BUT you will get a zero if you do not do it.  So if you want the option of a zero, don't do your homework.
Mr. P might also choose the option of keeping you in for recess or activity period.
Additionally, parents could decide on some options of their own if they notice you are not doing your best.
Rule 911b: 
Don't run with scissors.
Rule 37 / 9: 
Converting mixed numbers to improper fractions is not more fun than factor snowballs. (A.L. 2012)
Rule 73a: 
Graph paper is awesome!
Rule 73b: 

Graph paper spirals are even cooler then regular graph paper.

Rule 73c: 

Graph paper index cards sound cooler than they really are.

Rule 12,346.6: 
Never put pineapple on pizza.  Ever! 
Mentioning it in Mr. P's class is NOT appropriate.
Rule 77,777.7: 

You may add a tooth OR a bowtie to your 7's but including both is a little too much.

Rule 23b: 

Yes! You have to write your last name, too.
(and spelling counts!)


Rule 25: 
Can you take a math test with a pen?  No, no, and no!
Homework with a crayon?!  Never!
Rule 3/6 or 1/2: 
It is called "simplifying," not "reducing."
"Lowest terms" is ok to use as well.
For appropriate use of the word "reducing," see rule #3.
Rule 19/1 and 19/2 and 19/0 and 0/0: 
A "1" in the denominator is not "oneths."  It is "wholes."
A "2" in the denominator is not "twoths." It is "halves."
A "0" in the denominator does not make the fraction equal to zero.
Zero over zero does not equal one.  Sorry.
Rule 845: 

First period does not end at 8:30.  This rule is more for Mr. P.


Rule  84,561: 
Chairs with wheels are not for racing.


Rule 5.7: 
Please, please, please think at least 5.7 seconds before asking a question.


Rule 43: 
Focus, Dude.

(also my daughter's favorite line from Finding Nemo)


Rule 86: 
Asking if recess is indoors or out when there is a massive rain storm just outside the windows of the classroom is probably not a good idea.  See Rule 5.7
Rule 999: 
Feel free to keep your "inner dialogue" to yourself.
Rule 1984: 
Embrace your inner nerd.


Rule 23a: 
Put your name on anything that might end up in the lost in found (jackets, lunch boxes, math papers, etc.).

Rule 5>2: 

This is a greater than sign: >

This is less than: <

The word "chompy" will not be found in any respectable math book. 


Rule 99: 
You can't avoid math.  It is everywhere.  You can run, but you can't hide.  Challenge:  try to find a job, career, sport, hobby, etc. that doesn't use math in some way.


Rule 411: 
No one needs to know what an obelus or solidus is... but we do.
Rule 101i: 
Strive to be independent.  Remember the slogan for PAL in 4th grade?  "If I can do it, than I should do it."

Rule 4-5: 

If you get "Ijrutpe" for the answer to a planet on a math puzzle, you should probably go back and read the directions about unscrambling the letters.

Rule 101m: 

Stop blaming your mom for work not being in your math folder or why you don't have a sharp pencil in class.

Rule 8: 

It is highly recommended that you READ the chapter before attempting to complete a science worksheet.

Please avoid the Alexander short-cut method of just finding the answers to the sheet by looking at headings, bold words, etc. and skipping the majority of text.  


Rule 23,987a: 
You will not be able to draw as well as Mr. P (especially stick figures with no bodies), but there is nothing wrong with trying.


Rule 32: 
One snowflake falling from the sky does mean we will have an early dismissal. 
Why is it that middle school students (who are not generally known for their ability to pay attention) can smell, see, and hear ONE small snowflake landing on a distant branch outside the classroom windows?


Rules 2468a, b, c, and d: 
"Mathlete" is one of the best words ever.  "Smarticles" is up there as well.
Using the word "mathmaticious" during class is always a positive. 
Saying you "mathed up" instead of "messed up" is grammatically correct in room 110.
Yes, "mathy" is an appropriate adjective.
Note:  these may not fly with Mr. M or Dr. McD.

Rule 110%:
The Myth Busters mantra offers some good advice when completing a project: 

"If it's worth doing, it's worth overdoing."

Rule 3.1415926535897932384626:
Bored?  Try memorizing the digits of Pi listed across the back of the classroom.  The record in Mr. P's class is over 400.
You may ask yourself why? 
When George Mallory was asked that same question after he climbed Mt. Everest, he replied with:
"Because it's there." 
Rule 1.61803398874989484820
(Also known as Rule 2.71828182845904523536 or Rule e):
Pi is not the only really cool irrational number.
Rule 15,292f:
Just asking for a Prothero Penny will not get you a Prothero Penny.

Rule 911c:
Do not get upset when you miss math for assemblies, weekends, vacations, etc.  

Don't worry!  You will have math again before you know it.


Rule 52*73:

We need to rid the world of the "x" for multiplication.  The dot or superplus, which is a "*", should be used instead.  The term "superplus" isn't well known outside of Room 110, so don't be surprised if your 6th grade teacher is unaware of it.


Rule 50:
Asking "Is this right?" when you are taking a test is not a question I can answer while you are taking the test.
Rule 90210a:
People are ODD and are not always logical. 
Just be yourself.  It is so much easier than pretending to be someone else.
Don't worry, Spock struggled with this one, too.
Rule 90210e:
Avoid unnecessary drama.

Rule 42:
Question: What is the answer to life, the universe, and everything? 
Answer: 42
If you don't understand, then you are probably asking the wrong question.

Rule 81,458b:
Songs about common denominators by Justin Bieber have nothing to do with fractions.


Rule 3:
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.  
Wrappers from snacks go in the trash and not the green recycling bin.
Don't be wasteful:  use both sides of the paper.  If you are writing on a mobius strip, it is OK to just use one side.
Any questions?  Ask the Lorax. 

Rule 15851:
It is good to know what "palindromic" and "palindrome" means.


Rule 13e:
Jedi mind tricks are not allowed in Math 110.


Rule 16:
All minor complaints can be shared with Bethany.  You can whine to her about homework as well.  I am sure she will feel bad for you.

Rule  -273.15:
We don't go outside for recess if it is really cold.

Rule 87.2:
It is probably good not to stick your finger in small pieces of PVC pipe or other objects where it could get stuck past your knuckle. 
Rule 1/2:
"Lowest" and "greatest" are common math terms.
"Middlest" should probably be one, too.


Rule 333:
Avoid saying things like:
     "I don't get it."
    "Math makes no sense and neither do Mr. P's drawings."
    "I don't understand this stuff."
    "I am stupid."
    "I am not good at math."
    "I give up."
Instead, here are some better comments:
    "Could you go over that one more time?"
    "I think I understand, but could you show another example?"
    "Is there another way to solve it?"
    "Is there a website I could use to practice these problems?"
Maybe you just need to relax and give yourself more time to understand.
Stopping in at advisory is another great time to ask Mr. P about a concept you are struggling with.
Rule 10:15:
Math Games and puzzles must be taken care of and put back properly or you will not be allowed to use them.
Rule 2013:
Somewhere over the Rainbow... Murp!

Rule 2.0:
The internet offers more than Youtube and Google. 
Try creating something using Web 2.0 tools.
Rule 1492:
Exploring concepts beyond what we talk about is encouraged.
If you find the first 500 prime numbers, an interesting book that is related to math, a good website, a worthy thinking problem, etc., please share with Mr. P. 


Rule infinity:
Infinity + 1 is not bigger than Infinity.
"Buzz Lightyear was wrong." (KA 2013)

Rule 50:
NEVER ask "Is this homework?"
The homework is on the board!!!

Rule 84,562.7:
And last, but not least:  Don't Panic... Think!

(Do NOT switch the words "Panic" and "Think" around when taking tests & quizzes.)



... don't worry!  You will figure out most of the classroom rules by June!


My grandfather was a math teacher and my grandmother taught Shakespeare for over 40 years.  Grandma would have had similar rules as the one's listed below that appeared in an Ann Lander's column called...
"The Golden Rules for Living" 
written by by Miriam Hamilton Keare: 

1. If you open it, close it.
2. If you turn it on, turn it off.
3. If you unlock it, lock it up.
4. If you break it, admit it.
5. If you can't fix it, call in someone who can.
6. If you borrow it, return it.
7. If you value it, take care of it.
8. If you make a mess, clean it up.
9. If you move it, put it back.
10. If it belongs to someone else, get permission to use it.
11. If you don't know how to operate it, leave it alone.
12. If it is none of your business, don't ask questions.


Mr. Hill's Homework Rules
1. Go outside
2. Run Around
3. Play
4. Have Fun
5. Create Memories for yourself