Internet Safety
   T/E Resources
    A list of resources about internet safety on

Before using the internet, it is recommended that students and parents explore this great safety website


United Streaming

Educational Videos
Watch videos about math or any topic!
middlete video


Brain Pop

Tim and Moby explain a variety of topics
Lots of short videos about mayn subjects

tems bulldog



Free Rice

Trivia + Giving
For each correct answer, 10 grains of rice are donated fo help world hunger



School House Rock

If only every class could be like School House Rock.



Visu Words

On-Line Graphical Dictionary
Look up words to find their meanings and associations with other words and concepts:


How to Annoy Family Members
Disclaimer: Mr. P many not be held accountable for any levels of being annoyed by following links.


Try a virtual version of this famous sound machine.

Here is someone playing one (skip the talking at the first half)...

Can you see the math and science in this creative music activity?

Sounds - Relaxation

Stressed out?  Listen to this!
Check out this sight that allows you to select calming sound effects