PSSA Testing Dates for 2014-2015: 
the weeks of TBA



PSSA Testing

How You Can Help at Home

Our goal is to assure that each student is able to perform on the PSSA tests at his/her highest level.  Academically, the children have been well-prepared here at school.  We now ask for your help to complete the collaborative effort.  Most of these, of course, are things that we are confident you already do, but we offer the tips as a friendly reminder of their importance to your child’s success in school.


You can support your child by:


        1.  Making sure your child has a good, healthy breakfast.


        2.  Making sure your child gets a good night’s rest.


        3.  Giving your child opportunities to be physically active.


        4.  Encouraging your child to try his/her best on the tests.


        5.  Being sure your child comes to school with the right supplies:
                At least two #2 pencils and an SSR book each day.
                Mr.P will provide calculators for ALL students on 5A.

Important note about
Homework will be kept to a minimum during PSSA testing.  We want children to take advantage of this week of decreased work.  In exchange, we need them to come ready and willing with their full attention and focus for the testing.
We thank you for supporting our efforts here at school
by reinforcing these suggestions at home!

  With the exception of about 5 problems, students are allowed to use calculators for ALL of the math sections on the PSSA.

Mr.P will provide calculators for ALL students on 5A.