Pedigree Project

Project Intro: Details and info about Pedigree Charts 10/7/16. Parent signature due 10/10/16

Rough Draft 1: Family Tree (just the lines, shapes, and circles) due 10/17/16

Rough Draft 2: Shading of traits (start with recessives!) due 10/25/16

Final Copy: See tips below due 10/28/16

Don't forget:

(1) Your name and period number

(2) Title at the top that includes the trait

(3) Pedigree chart with correct symbols
    Neatly constructed and spaced out evenly on paper

(4) Key that specifies shading


Use the worksheets and tips found throughout the gray pedigree packet.

Use a "?" for the few that you are unable to determine.  If there is a lot.  Change trait.

If all of your circles and squares have the same/similar shading. Choose another trait.

Start with recessives and use logic & Punnett Squares to figure out the dominant ones.
            Example:  if there is a recessive child from two parents, one that shows recessive and one that shows dominant, 
                            the dominant parent has to be heterozygous.

    Here are some sample Punnett Squares that show possible outcomes.  
    If both parents only have the recessive alleles, there is no possible outcome with a child that shows the dominant trait.

Below is a sample.  The key only needs to include what the shading, half shading, and no shading means.