The Lost & Found bins get filled rapidly with clothes, supply cases, books, folders, binders, lunch boxes, etc.

On science 817 papers:  first, last, sci period #

Please replenish supplies as needed.


Bring science papers in dedicated science folder 

(or pocket if using accordion-style organizer)

If papers are not being worked on, they should be in folder. Parents should not organize folders for you or throw away science papers. 

They are your responsibility.

Do not blame your Mom if your paper is not in your folder.

To repair ripped folders: put packaging tape along the inside over the ripped holes and duct tape on the outside. Punch holes.

Remember: If it can't be fix with duct tape, you are not using enough duct tape.


2 Sharp Pencils

This is a minimum. 
Keep a small sharpener in supply case.

Mechanical pencils can help with neatness, but it is always a good idea to have some #2 pencils for PSSAs and 4-Sight.


Marking pen/pencil
Any color other than black.

Brain (aka Think Meat)

Remind your brain often to tell your mouth to wait 5 seconds before asking a question or saying "I don't get it."


Bring book to every class.

Occasionally you will need to carry it home as well or use online text.

Do NOT lose your papers!  Students are responsible for making sure homework, packets, and other work is well organized in the correct folders (no loose papers in the binder, backpack, or locker).
Parents should not organize papers, folders, and notebooks for their child.  However, if a student has difficulties with organization, it is highly recommended that parents assist their child to make sure both backpack and binder are organized every Sunday so they can start the week on a positive note.  
Students are rarely allowed back to lockers once class has started.

Assignment book should be kept in binders and MUST be filled out daily.  Assignments will NOT be posted on this website.  Homework is listed in all the Blue team boards, so students who come late still have the opportunity to find out what the assignments are if they miss a class.

Absent? Copy the HW that was missed from a classmate's assignment book.


Note: we do not use pens in science
Rulers are not catapults, helicopters, or musical instruments.