Do you suffer from O.P.D.?
(Obsessive Pinnacle Disorder)
(1) Do you spend more time checking your grades on PIV than actually studying and doing homework?
(2) Is one of your most visited websites?
(3) Do you check your grades more than two or three times a week?  Do you check everyday?!
(4) Have you ever dreamed about your parents getting Pinnacle for use at your home so they could post the results of chores completed, how well you got along with your siblings, vegetable consumption, efforts in taking care of the dog, and tracking the time you spent on the computer, TV, and cellphone?
(5) Can you type your PIV login and password faster than you can type your own name?
(6) Do you ask teachers if they have posted grades yet even though you are aware that you just finished taking the test just a few hours ago?  (note: If you ask before completing the test, then there isn't much hope for you being cured of O.P.D.)
(7) Have you ever wondered why your performance at recess, fashion sense, and healthy lunch choices are not posted on PIV?
(8) While listening to assignments do you wonder how your teacher will come up with a number for the grade rather than thinking about what you actually might do to complete the assignment?

If you answered YES to most of these questions, you might be suffering from OPD.

Don't panic... it is curable.

First, back away from the computer.
Spend more time completing your homework and studying for quizzes/tests, and you will not have to worry so much about PIV.
Worried about your grade?  Try spending time on Cluebusters or PEMDAS Puzzlers instead of stalking your own performance. Not interested in those?  There are tons of links on this site that are way more exciting than PIV.
Make sure you give your teachers enough time to post grades before asking about Pinnacle.  If you see a "!" it means the grade is not up yet.  Please allow 1-2 weeks after assignment has been turned in. 

Think about how long it must take one of your teachers to mark over 125 tests, quizzes, projects, and other assignments and then log them all in Pinnacle. 

Of course you and your parents should check your progress on Pinnacle, so you know how you are doing. 
However, you don't have to view Pinnacle all the time
In addition to the grades that are posted...

    * Concentrate on how you perform on tests & quizzes AND this means looking beyond the grade at the top!!!
    (neatness, how you studied, following directions, best effort, avoiding silly mistakes, improvement from last test, etc.) 
    * Think about how you perform in the classroom
     (group work, positive participation, observation, behavior, effort, asking good questions, organization, etc.)
    * Be aware of what you do outside of the math period
   (extensions, challenges, 24, extra credit, problem solving games, links, etc.)
    * Set goals for improvement and how to achieve them
    (math facts, terms, organization, etc.)

O.P.D. is not just a disorder for children.  Parents can get it, too!
Parents, think about what it would be like if your own parents could constantly look over your shoulder at all your academic grades on a weekly basis.