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Here are some links to see math concepts explained with videos on the web:

Brain Pop Videos
    Check your assignment book for username and password.

Khan Academy
    From very simple math to college-level concepts

    "Videos about numbers and stuff"

Math Playground
    Check out these videos

Discovery Education
    You will need to ask Mr. P for user and password to access videos from all subject areas.

Math Vids
    Check out these videos

Cyberchase on PBS
    Check out full episodes on PBS

    Some very advanced concepts


 Mathmaticious Song
You can try to hide from math, but it is everywhere.
Video about spheres

 Math Holiday Song

 Multiply with Lines

 Math is Beautiful!  Check out this Fractal zoom...

 What is a FRACTAL?

Rube Goldberg Machine
machine that performs a very simple task in a very complex way.
Much like dominoes, these "machines" use a series of chain reactions that take a long time to set-up and not long to "perform."
The expression is named after Rube Goldberg, a cartoonist.
www.rubegoldberg.com (see the link "Artwork Gallery" for some of his original cartoons)

Arthur Benjamin, Mathamagician
For more Arthur Benjamin: www.vimeo.com/6643331

YouTube Video

Calm Music
Check out the Relaxing Sounds maker in RANDOM LINKS
Try listening when doing homework.
Recommend something with more energy when cleaning room.

YouTube Video

Math Class (Imagined by kids)
If you need help with your take aways...

Pi Videos
Interested in Pi?  Check out the videos on Mr. P's Pi Page