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Please note that homework assignments are NOT posted here.

Homework is listed on the board in every 5A room.  Students are responsible for filling out and using their assignment books daily.  Contact a classmate if only one day of school is missed.  For extended absences, a parent can send one email to the entire team to request homework. Advisory is the perfect time to meet with a teacher about missed work. 

Students should have about 15-20 minutes of math homework every weeknight.
(Should average less than 1 hour in all subjects)


Note:  students have advisory two times a cycle and may finish many of their assignments in school.
If students finish assigned work in less than 15 minutes (or during advisory), they should be working on math factsfree mathing, extra credit, practicing concepts, logic/math games, or some other math related activities.
If students finish assigned work in more than 15 minutes, they might be in a distracting environment where they are not focused the whole time.  Weak math facts also might be a factor in how long it takes to complete a problem.  Simplifying the faction 27/36 by dividing both the numerator and denominator by 9 is a quick task for those that have mastered

Homework is checked for completion everyday.  

Homework is generally not given on weekends.  Occasionally, there are some assignments given or tests on Mondays that might require some work on the weekends.  The weekend is a good time to work on math facts.

Every child completes assignments at a different pace.  If a student finishes homework quickly or feels that they do not have much written homework, encourage them to review concepts taught in all of their classes.  
Learning to CHALLENGE oneself is vital for achieving success in any area!  Encourage your child to look for ways that they can do more on their own in an area that they are passionate about (another language, an instrument, geography, etc.).
Check out the links on the left side for extensions and additional activities.  Independent RESEARCH gives students a chance to learn more on their own (think PAL).  The "Research" link on the left might give students a safe place to start.

Requesting Homework for Extended Absences


Please do not request homework assignments from teachers if the student is only going to be out for one day.  A study buddy (a reliable classmate) is the best person to contact for missing only one class.  For extended absences, send ONE email addressed to all the teachers on the team.  We can put together a sheet of assignments from the team and place the form+materials in the main office (or respond to email if no materials are needed). 

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Oct 9, 2013, 10:21 AM