(periods 3,4, & 5 in the fall    periods 1 & 2 tbd)

We will complete this project ONE step at a time.
Please do not worry about the next part until we get there!

Final due date (periods 3,4,5): Tuesday, December 16th

What is a Function Machine?
Check out these virtual examples...

    Cyber Chase: Stop the Creature

    National Library of Virtual Manipulatives

    Single Operation Function Machine
        Drop the number in and see the result come out the other side.
        Slide panel to change function.

    Double Operation Function Machine
        Scroll down and click on the appropriate game.
    Mathematical Interactives

    Interactive Initiatives

Paper Practice
Common Core Sheets: Patterns and Functions
    Easy to complete worksheets

When do I need a box?
Please bring in a sturdy box by the end of the week. Write your name on the inside of the box.
If you have an extra shoe box, you can volunteer to bring one in for students who can't find a suitable one. 

When can I decorate it?
As soon as the ramps are installed and work.

When can I think of rules?
We will discuss this in class after we have completed ramps. However, you are more than welcome to brainstorm ideas.  Do NOT tell anyone what your rules are.

When is the entire project due?
We will be completing one step at a time.
Due date will be giving after all ramps are functional.


Make a visual representation of a function machine.
Start by dragging out the empty box (IN).
Then pull out other operations.  You can change the "3."
Click and pull the arrows so they are connected to another box.
End by dragging out another empty box (OUT).