Extra Credit
Maximum points per marking period is tbd.
*** As this page is always changing, please see Mr. P during advisory BEFORE starting. *** 


All Marking Periods 
Memorize the Period Table of Elements Challenge
Could you answer 12 random questions that follow these 3 samples?
      What element is #8?
      What element is Au?
      What is the atomic number for Einsteinium
Rubik's Cube Challenge
Solve a mixed-up cube in less than 4 minutes for 1 point
Do it in less than 1 minute for 4 points.

Beat these two and become famous: 

Marking Period 1 
Build a durable Towers of Hanoi puzzle
Please show Mr. P your plan before starting or you may not get credit.

Marking Period 2
Discover an Unclassified Animal or Plant (from Earth)
Must be from this planet.
Name it after yourself.
Write a scientific paper and become famous (in the scientific community anyway).

Marking Period 3
Research the history of rocketry and space exploration from early attempts to today. 
Create a timeline highlighting at least 15 (or more) major events. 
The timeline may include discoveries, firsts, people, achievements, etc. 
For each item the timeline should include the date of the event, a brief description, and picture.
Timeline should begin with early rocketry / exploration and end with recent achievements.
Points: 0-3 points added to final grade.

Research some famous figures in space exploration. They could be rocket scientists, astronauts, cosmonauts, engineers, men, or women. Decide on one person to conduct formal research. You will present a 2-3 minute speech as if you are the famous person. This may include facts about their life in general as well as their accomplishments or contributions to space exploration. 
Points: tbd

Rocket Science
Research different space exploration vehicles (manned and unmanned).
Choose one space probe, rocket, lander, rover, shuttle, station, or other exploration vehicle. 
Build a three dimensional accurate model of this object. 
Research the parts and the purpose of their design. 
Colors should be done appropriately and details should be included. 
Points: tbd

Discover Alien Organism (not from Earth)
Must be from another planet. Your science teacher does not count.
Name it after yourself (unless you already used your name in MP2 for unclassified life here on Earth)
Write a scientific paper and become famous (everywhere).
Points: 0 

Build a working Flux Capacitor 
Go back in time (Delorean optional) and tell me NOT to sell my convertible for a really bad Ford Taurus.
Extra bonus: tell me the winning numbers of the lottery.  Not one of the big ones.  Just a million or so.
Against the time traveling rules: going back in time after we have gone over the answers to a test so you get over a 100.

Marking Period 4


Photo with you and science!
Bring a printed picture of you THIS YEAR 
Everything in this list relates to a topic to be learned this year. 
Be certain to include yourself in the picture
Absolutely no Photoshop or any editing software. 
Each picture is worth 2 points, and you may earn up to a...
maximum points: 10 per marking period

Your Picture at a Place

water treatment plant or wastewater treatment plant
retention pond or drainage basin
septic mound or leach field
science related museum
power plant
planetarium or observatory
hatchery, nature center, wildlife preserve, zoo, arboretum, aquarium, or similar venue
farm, orchard, or cranberry bog
You with Elon Musk somewhere out of Earth's orbit 
bay, natural spring, geyser, creek, river, lake, pond, glacier, wetland, reservoir, or dam

Your Picture doing an Activity

completing a chemical test on pool or spa water
using a microscope
using a star finding app or stargazing
observing an astronomical event (eclipse, comet, meteor shower, etc.)
using a telescope
model rocketry
hiking, jogging, biking, fishing, or camping
boating, tubing, swimming, rafting or other recreational use of freshwater (non-pool)
shoveling snow
fixing something at home

Your Picture with an Object

water meter, well pump, well head, or pressure tank
hand dug well, water wheel, or hand water pump
agricultural irrigation system
slime mold, fungus, lichen, or algae
decomposing object
local wildlife (not your little sister or neighbor's dog)