Your "I will..." is way more important than your I.Q.
  If you are passionate about something, look to EXTEND and CHALLENGE yourself.  
Think P.A.L. from 4th grade... be an independent learner!

Here are some tips and a few links to get you going:

(1) Advanced Topics
View more advanced math topics on Brain Pop videos on or check out the HUGE selection of video topics on

(2) Web 2.0 Too
Visit the Web 2.0 Tools page for some interesting sites that can help you put together ideas you know into something more visual.

(3) Computer programming
Coding is a very valuable skill. Check out the resources in Mr. P's technology section or click here. Scratch from M.I.T. is very popular.

(4) Free Mathing
Try Free Mathing or experiment with some of the activities in the Art + Math link.

(5) Chess
Instead of watching TV, how about getting involved with games, puzzles, etc.? Chess?

(6) PAL
Check out some ideas for independent Research,

(7) Spreadsheets
Learn how to use spreadsheets (Excel).

(8) Problem Solving
More Thinking Problems can be found here:

(9) Creativity & Imagination
How about Doodle 4 Google contest?

Use your imagination:  Look for ways to use math without computers, calculators, paper & pencil, etc. Cook, build something, try some of the hands-on activities in the Art + Math link. 

As Mr. Hill would say: 
"Go outside! Run around! Play! Have fun! Create memories for yourself."

Check out how this guy spends his free time...