Chapter 1

Check out the How To Study tips on the left. 

1.1 Discovering Cells
pages 6-13


1.2 Notes
Here is a copy of the 1.2 Notes we took on our tour of the VFMS Plant Cell.


1.2 Looking Inside Cells
pages 16-24
More Cell Parts 
Check out these interactive cells from Sheppard Software:
After learning about the cell, try the game and quiz.

 Animal Plant  Bacteria (FYI)
Bio Visions 
Harvard Cell Animation 
Click on "The Inner Life Series" square and then from any options on the bottom row. 


Cells, Cells, They are made of Organelles. 
 Cells Awolnation by Mr. Parr
 Cells One Republic by Mr. Parr


1.3 Chemical Compounds in Cells
pages 25-30
The Periodic Table of Elements 
Check out the Period Table of Elements on page R-11 in the back of your assignment book
 and on the TI-84 Plus EC graphing calculator. 


1.4 The Cell in its Environment
pages 32-37

Cell Transport Avicii by Mr. Parr
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