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Tips and reminders about research:

    - Beware of the Tree Octopus and History of Numbers

    - Movies like The Martian and Gravity are not the best sources for learning science (same with history).

    - Be careful with dates!  Some websites might have very old info.

    - Scale.  Because the size of planets, stars, and the distance between them is so vast, many images are NOT to scale.

    - Artists Rendition. Many images on sites about objects beyond our atmosphere are created with computer graphics.


The Scale of the Universe


Space Foundation

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NASA History from A-Z

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Jet Propulsion Lab (NASA)

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International Space Station
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Space X


Your Weight on the Moon and other Planets

Eclipse Calendar

Moon Phases
Do NOT copy this.  Images are not correct angle.

Google Moon
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Google TIme Lapse

Timezone Map

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