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Technically all art can be related to math, but this page will focus on simple geometry and art.
Check out the video and links below.

Penrose Tiling
Two shapes: one small, one big
A picture created with the same shape(s) used over and over
    M.C. Escher
    The 17 Wallpaper Groups
Solve the puzzle with the seven famous Tangram shapes
The Golden Ratio

This is an animation of a visual experience you might have with the Geom-e-Tree app.

Fractal Art
Check out the fractal videos on the Math Videos page.

Fractal Tool
From Illuminations
Sierpinkski Turtles

Make your own Geometry Art
Check out these apps
Who doesn't love Polyhedra?
String Art
Just straight lines
Move your mouse to influence the lines
More straight line designs.
Make two or more points and press SPACEBAR.
Choose a number and press SPACEBAR

Turtle Rectangles
You can alter the path of the turtle

Ed Emberley
Ed Emberley has tons of books that show step-by-step how to draw using geometrical figures.
The Big Green Drawing Book was my favorite book when I was a youngster.
Try drawing a Sasquatch.
Mark Kistler 3-D Drawing
Check out some of the free drawing lessons from Mark Kistler, who taught an assembly at TEMS on 3D drawing.