> Absent from School

Absent from School

Missing only ONE day of School

    (1) Please do NOT contact teachers for missed work if only 1 day is missed.
    (2) Check teacher websites for posted HW. I never list assignments on my webpage.

    (3) Contact a reliable classmate to find out what you have to do.

    (4) The day you return, copy assignments from the day you missed from a reliable classmate's planner.

    (5) If you have any questions about missed work, the best time to see a teacher is during activity.

Missing MORE than one day of school (illness or planned)

    (1) Parents (or students with parent permission) can send ONE email to all the blue team teachers. 

    (2) If time permits, we will send assignments home via email and/or place work in the office to be picked up if materials are needed.

Upon return from school, it is the responsibility of the student to...

    (1)  Copy all missed assignments into planner.

    (2)  See teacher at next advisory if they have questions or need materials.      
            End of class or activity are also good times.

    (3) NOT expect teachers to track them down to make up work or have parents do it for them.