For those interested in an "exciting" narrator: 
Another video with two-digt cards:

Shantanu Shukla - bronze (5th grade)

Pradhit gaddameedi - bronze (5th grade)

Tean Lai - bronze (7th grade)


Gold, Silver, and top 3 in bracket which earns trip to states in Harrisburg in June 14th...

Niranjan Vijayakrishnan 
2016-2017  Niru V (Chester County Finalist), Tean L, Shantanu S, Pradhit G
2015-2016  did not have tourney  

2014-2015   Abbey W
2013-2014   Krystelle M
2012-2013   Melissa X
2011-2012   Natalie G
2010-2011   Vikram R & Bri T
2009-2010   Abby C & Norm H
2008-2009   Patrick L
2007-2008   unknown
2006-2007   Amber
2005-2006   Scott H (Chester County Finalist & Eastern PA Champion), Ben, George S, & Jonathan
2004-2005   Carolyn V, Brody S, Dhananjay B, & Ethan 
1998-2004   unknown

1996-1998   unknown

Mr. P with Robert Sun (bio), inventor of the card game,
at the Franklin Institute during the 2006 Eastern PA 24 Championships.
HES 4th Grader Scott S won the 4/5 age group.
The state competitions were not held at this time.


24 Card Game by Suntext
Get the 24 Game from Suntex.
Single digits version is my favorite. 
Ask Mr. P where to find it or use the cards you created on your own. 

Use any four numbers
Think of 4 random numbers and go!
Having trouble? Try this random number generator to get thousands of 4 digit numbers:
Press "AGAIN" for more numbers.

Marble Game with Factors of 24
Shoot marbles that both factors of 24.

Play On-Line
Try playing on the internet

24 with Standard Playing Cards
You can play the 24 game with regular playing cards.
All solveables using numbers from 1 to 13

PEMDAS + 24 + 3 Playing Cards
24 With 3 Playing Cards and PEMDAS rules

Smart Apps
There are 24 apps for smartphones and handheld devices. Many of them are free!
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